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Prepping & Caring

Prepping for your appointment and following the aftercare recommendations will ensure you achieve the best possible results! #BrowGoals

The brow area must be healthy, not sensitive, nor irritated.  Please arrive to your appointment makeup free.

4 Weeks Before
1 Week Before
24 hours Before

No Dermal Fillers, or Botox

2 Weeks Before

No Retinoid products

No intense sun exposure 

No tinting, or waxing

***** Very Important to ensure no excess bleeding due to blood thinning*****


No alcohol

No caffeine

No vitamin E or fish oil supplements

No excessive sweating or working out 

No lasers, or facials 

At the end of your session, we will provide you with an after care kit that has everything you need for the 7-10 day healing process

First 24 hours post


Gently wipe your brows every 60-90 minutes with aftercare wipes


 Twice a day apply the Skin Candy healing ointment provided in the kit

Avoid alcohol, aspirin, ibuprofen, and caffeine 

4 Weeks post

No Botox, dermal fillers, lasers, chemical peels, and or microdermabrasions

Avoid direct sun exposure  

Absolutely no scratching or picking at the brow area during healing process

Starting Day 2-7

Moisten gauze or a Q-tip with water, and gentle clean brow area of any residual Skin Candy balm, or lymphatic liquid (yellowish buildup).

Pat brow area dry with tissue and lightly re-apply a small amount of Skin Candy aftercare balm  (twice a day for days 2-7).

No face scrubs or exfoliants

No saunas, swimming, steam rooms, exercise, or anything that will make you sweat excessively (the salt in perspiration will act as a remover to your new brows).

No makeup directly on the brow area (2 weeks)

Do not get the brow area wet when washing face, or showering

Healing will vary with skin type, age, and texture.  It's important to keep in mind that brows will go through different healing phases. After 7 days, the brows will fade considerably and shrink slightly to a much more natural look. This is completely normal and expected. Your natural brows will be completely healed with pigment settled at 30 days.

We like to include a complimentary touch up session where we can assess your healing and fill in any missing strokes as well as give it a colour boost. We can also recommend best follow up timeline for future appointments.