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Q & A

What is microblading?

 Microblading, also known as eyebrow embroidery, is a form of semi-permanent make-up.  Each brows are designed using the Phi tools, in accordance with the golden ratio. Creating beautifully natural suiting brows to enhance your unique face shape. 

The handheld microblading tool does not penetrate the skin, unlike the traditional permanent makeup tools. Instead, the artist delicately draws each featherweight hair stroke scratching the surface of the skin, much like a paper cut. 

The pigment is deposited onto the epidermis layer of the skin. The results are very realistic natural looking hairstrokes.

Why chose a Phibrows Artist?

Phibrow Artist follow very specific work methods, that are taught through a demanding and rigorous 6 month course. The education requires the artist to pass 11 levels of mastery, ensuring their work is of the highest standards. Producing very precise featherweight hair strokes, perfect symmetry, enhancing the natural shape of their client’s face and bone structure.

How long is my appointment? 

To achieve optimal results, microblading is done in two sessions. The first session will consist of client consultation, brow mapping/shaping to clients desired preference, the pigment is deposited, aftercare is discussed (approximately 3 1/2 hours). 

Four to six weeks later, any additional hairstrokes, or colour boost will be added to perfect your healed brow (approximately 1-2 hours).

How long does it take to heal? 

Every persons healing process is unique, however usually 7-10 days is expected. Trust the process! The redness will fade and the pigment will lighten. Optimal results will be seen after 30 days.

How long does it last?

Depending on the skin type. The maturity, oiliness, and skin care routine are taken into account. microblading will last approximately 12-18 months on normal to dry skin, 6-12 months for oily skin. As the pigment is near the surface of the epidermis, the colour will fade gradually. Colour boosts are recommended every 6-18 months,

When should I book my touch up?

We offer a complementary touch up 4-6 weeks after initial treatment. After that, annual or semi annual touch ups can be purchased. 

Does it hurt?

The pain sensation is minor. Most would describe the sensation to light scratching/or tweezing . As a topical anaesthetic is applied in most procedures, the feeling is dulled. Slight swelling and redness after the procedure is expected. 

Who should NOT have microblading?

Using Accutane

Using blood thinning medication

Cardiovascular conditions, pacemakers


Anyone undergoing chemotherapy (consult your doctor)

Skin diseases, inflammation, or rosacea

Anyone who requires anaesthetic and is allergic to lidocaine, tetracaine, or epinephrine.

Skin irritations such as acne, rashes or sunburn

Pregnant or breastfeeding (with doctors approval)

Hepatitis B&C

Seborrheic dermatitis

Keloid (raised scar on any part of your body)

Are there any complications?

Disposable tools are used for every procedure, and the area is sterilised. When before and after care instructions are followed the risk of complications are minimal. Allergic reactions to pigments are very rare, but sometimes occur. For this reason, a pigment patch test for those with sensitive skin or to topical makeup product, gold , silver, nickel, or hair dyes should be patch tested a few days in advance of the procedure.